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BPP Series - Click for Spec. Sheet

Clean, Easy and Portable
Roilgard offers several types of durable, easy-to-use fluid filter carts that treat fluids and remove suspended particles, providing “A Higher Level of Clean.” Filtering working fluids – including the most common types: crankcase oil, hydraulic and transmission fluid – will reduce your costs for fluid replacement and disposal, as well as reduce your labor costs because you’ll need fewer fluid changes.

Who Uses Roilgard Filtration Equipment
• Trucking/Delivery Companies
• Manufacturing
• Fabrication shops
• Logging Industry
• Heavy equipment operators
• Machine shops
• Municipalities
• Marine fleets
• Mining industry
• Utilities

Filtering Oil-based Fluids
• Remove chips and foreign debris
• Fine particle filtration
• Remove water

Recycling Water-based Fluids and Removing Oil
• Remove tramp oil
• Remove chips and foreign debris
• Fine particle filtration

Benefits of a Roilgard Portable Filter Cart
• Extends machine life
• Reduces recycling costs
• Better machine performance
• Reduces down time
• Extends drain intervals

Designed to be Used with the Following Fluids
• Synthetics
• Hydrocarbons
• Water based fluids
• Fire retardants
• Lube oils


PCR Series - Click for Spec. Sheet

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